A 33-year-old man from Florida stole two police cars during a wild 60-mile chase with cops.

A 33-year-old man from Florida stole two police cars during a wild 60-mile chase with cops.

A man from Florida gave the cops a tough time by stealing two police cars and indulging them in a wild 60 miles chase across the state.

People do all sorts of baffling things but recently I came across this story of a man from Florida who had the guts to steal not one but two police cars. He got his hands on two police cars during a 60-mile, high-speed chase through Florida.



On 6th May, cops from Volusia Sheriff's Office were alerted to a motorist driving a stolen Cocoa Police Department vehicle. They gave him a chase and were able to force the stolen car off the highway and into some woods, where it crashed and became stuck.
However, not being content with stealing and crashing one police car, the convict hopped out of the wrecked cop car and into another one before once again driving off at speed.



Thankfully, the responding units were fast in deploying 'stop sticks' which stopped the car in its tracks and left it smoking up. As soon as the second car was rendered useless, a number of officers ran towards the vehicle, after which the suspect got out and eventually surrendered by laying down on the ground.
The footage of this incredible chase was caught by a helicopter following the vehicles. It has clearly captured the shocking chase, with numerous police vehicles in hot pursuit of the stolen police vehicles.



Unsurprisingly, the clip has made a big impression on social media, picking up almost 2,500 shares on Facebook and - as you can imagine - attracting plenty of comments. Netizens are amazed at the audacity of the convict.



One of them wrote,

“Thankfully no one was hurt. I thought it was protocol to lock police doors. This guy is probably telling this story right now in the jail and no one believes him.”

Another said,

“So let me get this right. He crashes one and was able to steal another... with all them cops there... SMH great police work... only in Floriduh.”

A third person commented,

"Sadly, seems like Cocoa Beach officers need to stop leaving the keys in their patrol units with the doors open. I support our officers, just find this odd."

Another person joked,

"With all these cops getting their car stolen it's going to be hard to tell who is actually pulling you over."

The 33-year-old suspect is named Xavier Cummings and there are no reported injuries following the incident.

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Article and Image source: LadBible 

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