Restaurant staff gets $1000 tip by generous customers Due To Coronavirus disruption.

Restaurant staff gets $1000 tip by generous customers Due To Coronavirus disruption.

A group of four people gave a tip of $1000 on their $350 bill due to the coronavirus outbreak and as retaurants were announced to shut.

In these difficult circumstances of these closures and confinements due to the coronavirus outbreak, the waiters, servers and other people who depend on the daily wages and tips are quite really worried.

But some people are still here in this world among us, who will remain generous and kind towards humanity under difficult circumstances.

Such an exemplary case happened in Solistice restaurant in Kingston. Some customers in the restaurant left a $1000 tip for the two servers adter the closing announcement of restaurant and all of the staff was surprised to see such generosity.


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According to the restaurant owner Cataldi, this happened in the moments after the announcement on Sunday night that left restaurant employees in great shock. 
A group of four left the two servers who were  working a $1,000. You must be astonished and it might seem unbelievable that $1,000, a tip on their nearly $350 bill. That’s nearly 300 percent of their original bill.



The owner John Cataldi says That people go out of their way sometimes to take care of people," he added. But this gesture was quite caring. As now, in th whole world restaurants have closed their dine in services. And obviously the owners have limited the workers to ensure social distancing.



We need more people like this who care for other people and tjink of their struggles too, to make this world a peaceful and happy place. 


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