90-year-old lady from Czech spends her days painting murals around the village.

90-year-old lady from Czech spends her days painting murals around the village.

This grandma from Czech Republic loves spending her time by decorating the city with electric blue murals.

They say having a hobby keeps you sane. Unfortunately, most of us forget that we should also take time out for the things we love amidst the crazy city life.
This is something we should learn from this grandma.



Anežka Kašpárková is over 90 years old and spends her time decorating her village with beautiful murals. Although street art is considered as something youngsters do, Kašpárková is breaking the stereo types.



She learnt this art from a friend of hers who had a similar hobby. As soon as she stopped painting the walls, Kašpárková took over.
Since street art has a short lifespan and paints chip or fade away, Kašpárková mixes her own paints to create an incredible ultramarine hue that pops against the whitewashed village buildings.



As long as she can bear the weather, she spends her days painting floral murals on the whitewashed walls of her friends and neighbors in the village of Louka.
Most of her paintings last two years before they start fading. That is when her murals are painted over and she spends her time making new ones.



Every May, she spends 10 days adding beautiful florals to the freshly whitewashed village chapel.



She has been doing this for over 40 years now. With her age things have gotten a little harder however, she says she will keep doing it till she can.
We all need to give our hobbies time like Kašpárková does. Here’s to not letting old age stop us from doing anything.

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Article and Image Source: Diply

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