8 Year Old Boy Meets Nurse Who Gave Him Part Of Her Liver To Save His Life.

8 Year Old Boy Meets Nurse Who Gave Him Part Of Her Liver To Save His Life.

Cami Loritz stepped in to help Brayden's family and donate a part of her liver to the eight-year-old boy. The nurse asked to stay anonymous until the operation was successful.

Brayden Auten is an 8-year-old who got a stomachache and diarrhea on April 25. The boy's parents James and Ruth thought it was just flu until they noticed the pale eyes. They took him to a primary care clinic where the third grader's condition worsened.



Brayden was admitted to Children’s medical institution of Milwaukee where an ultrasound and doctors' examination revealed that the boy's liver was functioning incorrectly. Some days later, his liver stopped working completely.

“We were scared... We didn’t know what was going on for the first week,” the young boy's father told. “As parents, we just wanted to know what was going on with our son,” Brayden's father said.



Even though the cause was not known, it became clear that Brayden needed a liver transplant immediately. Family and friends were tested but no one was a match. It was then when Cami Loritz (who works as a nurse in the transplant intensive care unit at Froedtert medical institution in Milwaukee) came forward to help the boy. She signed up to be the liver donor and agreed to donate a part of her liver for the operation.  



The family did not know of Loritz as she had asked to stay anonymous until the operation. Two weeks after, Loritz and Brayden met and embraced each other with hugs. “It was fun meeting him and seeing him, like, starting to feel better. I had no reason not to go through it," Loritz later told. The woman was more than happy to be able to help the family.
“Now that we are almost 4 months post-transplant it’s heartwarming seeing Brayden enjoy being a kid again, no argument he’s stinkin’ cute! I am beyond thankful his family gets the chance to have their little boy back and healthy," she added.




“Brayden was nervous and I don’t think fully understood what happened and what she did. He does now though and thinks of her as a big sister," Brayden's father said.



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