7-year-old organizes prom in his backyard after for his Nanny to cheer her up.

7-year-old organizes prom in his backyard after for his Nanny to cheer her up.

The 7-year-old boy decides to make his baby sitter’s prom dreams come true after the event got canceled due to the on-going global pandemic.

People all around the world are scrambling to fight the COVID-19 pandemic that has created a rift in all our lives.
High schoolers and university students had to, unfortunately, miss months that were supposed to be the best months of their entire experience.
A similar mishap happened with the 17-year-old Rachel Chapman, who was deprived of her prom experience due to schools shutting down amidst the pandemic.
Rachel used to baby sit Curtis Rogers of Raleigh, N.C regularly. The two were very close, and Curtis majorly enjoyed Rachel’s company.



Since due to the social distancing rules, Rachel couldn’t meet Custis, his mom decided to explain the situation to the young boy calmly.



During their conversation, Custis’s mom also mentioned that Rachel would not be able to attend her prom. Saddened by this, Curtis decided that he wanted to throw Rachel a prom in his backyard.
Thinking that he will forget the bizarre idea in a few days, Custis’s mom did not pay heed.
Well! Curtis did not forget. He made sure he threw a party for his favorite baby sitter and ensured she had a good time.
According to his mom, he was very picky with each and every detail. Curtis overlooked everything and ensured a perfect prom-like evening.



Prom is never complete without a proper proposal. Curtis proposed Rachel with a huge handmade banner. How adorable.



The 7-year-old did not leave any stone unturned to make the evening special for his special baby sitter.




Of course! All social distancing SOPs were taken care of.  This pool noodle and jump ropes were used to help keep Curtis and Rachel 6 feet apart at all times while they ate dinner, while Curtis toasted to his favorite babysitter, and even while the pair danced the night away.

Although it was not a traditional prom by any means, the evening was positively perfect, and Rachel was able to have that senior experience she thought she was going to miss out on.



The pictures were shared on Twitter by Rachel’s mom, where they quickly went viral. As of writing, the sweet post has over 54,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 6,800 times.




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Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Twitter

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