7-Year Old Boy Complains Of Jaw Pain For Years, Doctors Remove Over 500 Extra Teeth From His Mouth

7-Year Old Boy Complains Of Jaw Pain For Years, Doctors Remove Over 500 Extra Teeth From His Mouth

A young boy in India has been relieved of yearlong jaw pain and swelling after the Doctors removed over 526 teeth growing in his mouth.

1. Complaining Of Jaw Pain For Years



We all have heard of miracles in medicine, but there are some cases that leave even the doctors stunned.  Normally there are about 32 teeth in an adult's mouth. However, Doctors in India were left shocked after they found 16 times the amount of teeth in a 7-year old boy. 

2. 16 Times The Number Of Teeth Of An Adult!



Ravindran, of Chennai, has been complaining of jaw pain for a long time. Because of his age, the investigative procedures were not an option for the Doctors. So they decided to keep an eye on the kid until they figure out the reason for the pain. What they discovered next was enough to make headlines globally. As they discovered that the reason behind the pain and swelling was not because of an infection or disease but it was because the young man holding 16 times more teeth in his mouth as compared to a normal adult.


3. 526 Teeth All Ranging In Size Of 1mm To 15mm



Doctors at Saveetha Dental College and Hospital in Chennai, India, initially believed the swelling was due to a benign tumor as they discovered the boy had compound composite odontoma, a very rare condition. The Doctors removed the growth and gave it to the histology department for further investigation.  Instead, they found a bag like mass in the kid's mouth and with further investigation, they found over 526 teeth all ranging in size of 1mm to 15mm, with enamel and signs of root development. 

4. “It Was Reminiscent Of Pearls In An Oyster”



The pathologist who examined the mass explained, “It was reminiscent of pearls in an oyster.” It took over 5 hours to remove the whole mass of teeth from the mouth. 

The postgraduate students assisting in the procedure said, “This pandora box of miniature teeth is a jewel on our crown,” Footage of the team dissecting the growth, which was identified as a compound composite odontoma, shows hundreds of tooth fragments ranging in varying sizes.

5. Odomontas Is The Most Common Tumor Found In The Jaw



Odomontas are benign tumors that are composed of dental tissues. In majority cases, these are asymptomatic and can be identified only through X-rays. Typically these are very slow-growing and though the cause is relatively unknown, this is the most common tumor that is found in the jaw.  As the risk of relapse is low, the management includes removing the growth through a surgical procedure. 


6. We Are Glad The 7-Year Is Doing Fine Now!



While no one has ever been reported to hold this much number of teeth in their mouth. A case similar to this was reported in 2014 in Mumbai. In that case, the teenager had over 200 teeth removed. 

Though the situation is scary and bit intimidating, for Ravindran's parents it was a relief as they feared that the growing mass inside the boy's mouth was cancer.  Thankfully it was a situation that could be handled and was not risky.



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