7 Random Thoughts Every Woman In Her 30s Can Relate To

7 Random Thoughts Every Woman In Her 30s Can Relate To

This twitter thread is going to make you feel like home and welcome you warmly with your embarrassing adulting traits, so indulge with these random thoughts right away!

Adulting is not that easy nut to crack, especially if you are in your 30s, where you are neither too old to fill the elderly category and nor too young to feel that teenage energy.  Never thought the things our parents used to nag about when we were teens are actually happening to us and we can't even complain. If you are a new adult,  chances are that you are struggling to cope with those weird habits and reminding yourself to switch off the hairdryer while stepping out of the house. Who would have thought that adulting would be so mind-boggling? Well, I bet we will be laughing at all these things one day when we won't even be young adults. So let's just enjoy while we are at it.

Writer Anne Theriault just released her comprehensive list of all those little thoughts that women in their thirties share. It turns out that we aren’t collectively insane, just women trying to get ourselves together!


1. One Thing That You Get Good At In Your 30s Is The Plethora Of Sighs




Writer Anne Theriault mentions in a tweet "by the age of 35" a number of situations that we all in our 30s can relate it well. While the mentioned situation is a bit embarrassing but oddly it is comforting to know that women no matter where they belong share the same problems and embarrassing yet funny traits.  


2. Joining The Bandwagon




We guess Anna's tweet was not only funny but also very much relatable that all the women joined the bandwagon and started sharing their hilarious lady traits.  So this tweet makes us realize that we all enjoy good hotel perks, right? Like who wouldn't want to sleep in a luxurious Queen size bed with bubble bath ready with spa soft towels and not to forget the mini bar that's within the arms reach.  We, women, spend most of our time running after the hustles of house chores. So, a solo trip somewhere on the outskirts of the city won't be such a bad idea to get us into the vacation mood. 


3. Hands Down For All Those Who Can Relate




Oh yes, the one side conversations. Because who would understand us better than we do ourselves. So it's better to rant to our own selves than try to talk to the kids who are always indulged in their cellphones. Besides, if we talk to our selves then we are always right, right? So you see there is actually no harm, so ladies you can continue with this habit without any guilt.

4. Backup Bottles Of Wine For Any Emergency




Oh, it's not hard to relate to this one. Especially the part where it mentions wine bottles for backup.  Trust me you will be surprised by just how quickly you can assemble your best girlfriends for an evening catch up when you include the phrase “I have a bottle of prosecco chilling in the fridge”…


5. Mastering The Art Of Eye-Rolling




Once you have perfected the art of that eye roll thing, you know you have hit your 30s.  And oh don't forget that laugh at your own jokes part. Because as we get older we realize that the jokes we crack are the funniest and best of all and we can't stop laughing at it out loud. 


6. A Reality Check




This one is like a reality check for every lady in her 30s.  For every girl in her 20s, the sensible way of going to clubs is drinking at 6 pm, clubbing at 9 pm and back to the bed before midnight to get a good night's sleep to go to work the next day. But apparently, the rest of the Twitter-sphere reckons this kind of sensible clubbing behavior is characteristic of the over 30s. Evidently, they don’t understand the importance of a finely tuned sleep schedule!


7. Guilty As Charged!




The truth has been spoken ladies and there is now nowhere to hide for us.  I think it's a pet peeve for us ladies to wipe out the counter before settling in any restaurant because god forbid if we detect anything unlikely during the meal consuming process then its definitely not going to settle well with the stomach.  And of course, the worst are those ‘family’ restaurants that any single person is coerced into going to by their multitude of married mother friends… So not cool.



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