58-Year-Old Granny Sews Costumes And Dresses Up Herself As Different Characters.

58-Year-Old Granny Sews Costumes And Dresses Up Herself As Different Characters.

After retirement, Marina Badianova, a 58-year-old from St. Petersburg, creates her own cosplays with the help of a few talented photographers.

Marina Badianova, a 58-year old lady from St. Petersburg, loves stitching and designing clothes. After retirement, when boredom kicked in, Marina had nothing much to do, so she started doing what she loved – which is designing dresses. So far she has done dozens of cosplays using her own designed dresses and many of her dresses haven’t been test yet! She has dressed up in many different themes like fairytales, steampunk, history, and folklore.







Marian claims that this all started when one day she went to the shop to pick out dress for her daughter’s photo session.
Marina enjoyed this process a lot and so she too started dressing up for such occasions.
Once when Marina went home, wearing her boho-styled clothes, a young photographer requested to take her picture.







Marina was excited but also terrified over this new experience. Once she realized that she liked all this, she decided to get some experience. After going a couple of photo sessions, Marina started enjoying her success and dove deep into this hobby of hers! Moreover, Marina has also been a former student of Yulia Sobolevskaya "International Center for Cinema Professions".








Marina started getting her photo sessions done in 2015, and since then, she has been a pirate, an empress, a duchess, an old hag, a witch, a villager, a badass steampunk lady, and many other roles.
For her cosplay hobby, Marina creates props and costumes herself. She doesn't only sew, infacet  she teaches it to other people that too free of cost.  Hina sources her own materials from second-hand stores and flea markets. Her favorite market is on Udelnaya, where she avows that you can find treasures for a penny.
















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