58-year-old boss quits his job after he matched with his 22-year-old employee on tinder.

58-year-old boss quits his job after he matched with his 22-year-old employee on tinder.

A 58-yearl-old chief financial officer in Texas resigned after he matched with his 22-year-old employee on tinder and wanted to pursue the relationship.

Rick, a 58-year-old CFO, matched with Alyssa Cleland, 22, via Tinder in 2018. At the time, both were working in a land surveying company.
The duo was initially unsure of mixing work with personal life. Nevertheless, when they met on their first date, they quickly realized they had far more to talk about than just the office. Hours and hours went by talking.



Rick has since admitted he had noticed Alyssa prior to their match. However, when he swiped right, he hadn’t recognized it was her profile he was looking at.
In an interview, Rick said,

“Right out of the gate, when the company I worked for hired her, I kind of noticed her. And she sorts of stood apart from everybody else, because she had this energy. But the thing is, for whatever reason I didn’t connect that picture and her profile with the girl from work.”

However, Alyssa recognized him straight away. She said,

“I messaged him because I recognised him immediately and I was like, ‘What are you doing? We can’t date’.”

After receiving the message and figuring out who she was Rick was concerned Alyssa would assume he had deliberately abused his position of authority, and suggested meeting for lunch to clear the air.
Talking about the lunch, Rick said,

“I had a lot to lose if I’m the guy in the corner office, and here’s somebody that just started. You can’t do that in a company. You just can’t because she could then feel like if she wasn’t interested then it feels like a hostile workplace like here’s this guy using his power or authority and I wanted to diffuse any of that. And we didn’t just work together, it was a company with 200 employees and I was running the company.”

However, as soon as they met. They had a spark which neither of them could deny. Things for them things sped up fairly quickly from there. Just six weeks later, Rick had quit the company and they began dating.
According to Rick,

“Once we started seeing each other, it was like we saw each other almost every day. It was really like, boom, boom, boom; we accelerated pretty quickly. And then, it was only a couple months and she had some stuff going on with her roommates when I was like, ‘Just move in’. So, that was that.”

The love birds have been dating for more than a year now and the decades between them making no difference to their feelings.



Alyssa said,

“I’m in love with Rick for sure. And I’m just waiting for a ring at this point. If it means changing his diapers, I’m in it for the long haul. I could be hit by a car tomorrow. No one knows you know how long we have on this earth. And so I think just spending it with the people you love, despite him getting older, quicker – it’s all we can really do. We talked about our future and we both don’t want kids. I personally don’t want to have kids. We are both kind of like on the same page in terms of careers and goals, and I’ve been told I’m really mature for my age and stuff like that.”

She attributes her maturity and her way of looking at life to her physical ailment. She was born with a rare congenital condition called paraxial tibia hemimelia for which her right leg had to be amputated.
She said,

“[Paraxial tibia hemimelia] happens to one in a million people, and basically my tibia – which is your large lower leg bone – didn’t develop. And so because of that I wasn’t able to walk, and so that’s why they amputated my leg. I’m a right above-knee amputee. From what we know my mother was super young and she probably couldn’t take care of me, and so I wound up in a hospital in Ukraine. I was supposed to die. And I was in the hospital for a year before I was taken to the orphanage. That’s why I think we work; just because I’m not like other 20-year-olds – and I’ve dated other 20-year-olds and it’s been fine. But I mean there is something you said about dating someone older and just the life experience that you gain from them, and so I like it.”

Here's a video of showing how their relationship flourished over the year.




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