4-feet-tall birds named secretary birds have long, beautiful and luxurious lashes

4-feet-tall birds named secretary birds have long, beautiful and luxurious lashes

These beautiful birds with vibrant colors, long legs, and luxurious lashes are not called secretary birds for their appearance.

We have seen many birds with weird names and monikers. However, most of them are not named for what their silly names depict.
With changes in language and speech over the years, some things start seeming cheeky and funny. The same goes for these secretary birds.







Although they will certainly look like secretaries at corporate offices if we put it in a red dress, this bird definitely exudes receptionist realness.




They even have the kind of eyelashes human women go to great lengths to achieve.




On the contrary to common belief, their naming predates the 20th Century stereotype an appealing secretary. It even predates women working in secretary roles at all.
A commonly shared inspiration for this name is that the dark crown feathers resemble the quills 19th Century secretaries would often have stuck in their hair. It is similar to stashing a pen behind your ear.




Some people even said the predates even this and was first described and named in 1769. The Dutch settlers in Africa called the bird “Sagittarius”; however, due to their lack of knowledge and strong accent, local farmers called them “Secretarius.” The latter eventually morphed into secretary.




The carnivores measure almost four feet tall and are known for stomping their prey to death before devouring it. Their most common food source is snakes and other small prey living in the savanna grasses, but people have witnessed the birds take down juvenile cheetahs and gazelles, too.

One of my favorite bizarre birds is the Shoebill stork. I am sure you will love it too. 

Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Instagram

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