34-year-old overcomes food addiction and loses half her body weight (175 pounds) in almost a year.

34-year-old overcomes food addiction and loses half her body weight (175 pounds) in almost a year.

Having suffered from food addiction for years, this woman from County Dublin, Ireland started her transformation journey and lost 175 pounds in one year.

For years, Carla, a 34-year-old from County Dublin, Ireland has struggled with food addiction and negative self-talk. Last year, she started her transformation journey by tackling the self-critical voice before introducing a calorie-controlled diet and walking on a daily basis.




At her heaviest, Carla weighed 323.8lbs and over the course of 12 months, managed to lose 175lbs. This emotional and physical transformation journey has led to Carla feeling more self-confident and able to express herself through fashion.




Before losing the weight she avoided wearing anything but black clothes but now she wears whatever she likes. The best part is, she feels beautiful in everything.
She has brought a lot of new red bodycon dresses and has made a bet with her sister that she will be amazed when Carla wears them. Currently, she has a lot of blacks in her wardrobe. That used to be her staple color since it hides the curves and lumps. But after her weight loss, she has been trying to add color to her wardrobe.




She said,

“Prior to losing weight, I was a UK size 24, but really 26 Us 20 22 When I was a teenager. I remember buying a size 16 fake leather pair of flares and keeping them for years in the hope that one day I would be able to get into them. I've always had issues with my weight. I've always been overweight as a child, and then as I got older, I started to put on more weight. I have a food addiction, which means that I constantly use food as a means of escape. I used food as my methods to create a barrier between me and the world.”




She further added,

“I was never able to wear heels before, obviously weighing 300 plus pounds. It was a lot of pressure on the soles of your feet, but recently I started buying a few pairs of heels like the boots that I have started wearing. I started journaling last year, and eventually, I realized that I had this self-critical voice consistently telling me that I was worthless, that I had had no value. I realized that everything I've ever thought about myself is alive.”





She told herself that she could do it and she could lose weight. In January 2,020, she weighed 323.8 pounds and since then she has lost 175 pounds. While talking about her journey, she said,

“I basically started a calorie control diet, and I ate less calories that my body needed for fuel. I also did one hour walk every single day, and that's the basic principle of how I lost weight.”







Since then, she has inspired many women around her to lose weight. Her older sister lost 92 pounds after being inspired by her.

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