25 Employees Reveal What It's Like Working For A Boss Who Is An Actual Buffoon

25 Employees Reveal What It's Like Working For A Boss Who Is An Actual Buffoon

There is no such thing as a good boss or bad boss but when it comes to office buffoons, these people can define the term with much more clarity. Read their experiences and you will know how bosses can be classified as real-life jerks.

1. A Recording Device Kept Under The Breakdown Table To Eavesdrop The Employees




2. Just Another One Of Seemingly Endless Series Of Unreasonable Notes Left By My Boss. It’s Great Here




3. Our Boss Doesn't Let Us Take Any Home!




4. My Boss Installed An IP Camera At The Store To Spy On Us When He's Away. I Retaliated With This Rig




5. After Receiving A $50 Gift Card For Walmart As A Christmas Gift From My Boss, I Was Happy Until I Saw That It Had Been Deducted From My Paycheck



6. Came To Work To Find That My Boss Threw Away Everyone’s Desks And Replaced Them With Dressers, A Sheet Of Glass, And Saddle Chairs




7. My Boss Ordered A Box Of 6000 Pepper Packets Instead Of A Shaker, So Now I Get To Spend My Saturday Cutting Open Packets For Our Burger Seasoning



8. So My Boss Calls Me To A Meeting On My Day Off, Then Asks Me To Arrange The Meeting Room

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9.  Boss Didn't Like The Color Of The Chairs In The Break Room. So Now We Just Don't Have Chairs




10. When Your Good Service Rewards Only Your Boss




11. This Structural Pole My Boss Refuses To Fix





12. Caught My Boss Living In The Office After A Divorce Making His Dinner. Always Thought The Coffee Tasted Odd




13. Oh, Are The Roads Too Bad For You To Come In, But They’re Fine For Us? Worst Boss Ever



14.  My Boss Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Play Drag Racing. On His iPad. While Driving A Truck. On The Highway



15. The Way My Boss Asked Me To Order Her More Pens Like This One. I'm Sure She's Just Bluffing.......




16. When Your Boss Is A Jerk And Demands You Stack The Water "So It Looks Nice"



17. Shift Manager At My Work Was Just Diagnosed With Colon Cancer, Our Store Manager Put This Sign Out A Week Later




18. So I Bring A Pecan Pie To Work. By Noon It Was Missing. Found It A Few Hours Later In My Boss's Office




19. My Boss Was Deathly Serious When He Posted This. Looks Like I'm Spending Some Quality Time At Work This Year



20. My Coworker Went All Wet Seal On Our Boss Today




21. This Is The Drinking Water Filter At My Work. It's Been Getting Darker By The Day But My Boss Insists It's Doing Its Job Still




22. My Christmas Gift From My Boss. Fortune 500 Company. No Christmas Bonus, Post It Notes, 2 Pieces Of Chocolate, Pen, Jeans One Day



23. Quit My Job Yesterday Because I Was Tired Of The Unprofessional Environment - Got This Text From My Supervisor Today



24. Leave Work For One Day And My Boss Replaced My Large Monitor That I Use To Make Prototype Models And Engravings On Products With This Tiny One




25. Complained To My Boss And Received This Minutes Later





Source: Bored Panda, Reddit

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