23-year-old spent $75,000 to become ‘Baby Ken Doll’, says He won’t stop getting surgeries ever.

23-year-old spent $75,000 to become ‘Baby Ken Doll’, says He won’t stop getting surgeries ever.

This man in his early 20s has spend a fortune on looking like ‘Baby Ken Doll’. He is so hooked on the look that he says he will never stop getting surgeries. Tyler Dyvig got hooked on changing his look at such a young age and loved being the centre of attention as he showcased his new looks.

Humans have had a set standard for beauty since forever. Even though the standards are changing and people are trying to become more comfortable in their skin, many people still try hard to fit in the standards of beauty that we have been witnessing for a long.

One such individual is the 23-year-old Tyler Dyvig from Los Angeles (originally from North Carolina). He has spent more than $75,000 on cosmetic procedures in an effort to look like a “Baby Ken Doll”. He has said that he doesn’t think he’ll ever stop getting plastic surgery.




Even though he looks great right now he has big plans for continuing to change his appearance. He was 15-years-old when he got his first surgery which is a shock since at that age nobody needs to or cares about getting cosmetic surgery. However, that did not stop him from getting Botox then to allegedly prevent wrinkles. He remembers his mother’s dermatologist saying how important it is to start early to prevent the signs of aging and I guess he took it to heart.




To date, the 23-year-old has undergone several rounds of laser treatments, augmentation of his buttocks, bicep implants, as well as having his chin and jaw done three times. Moreover, he gets his lips done three times a year and is planning on getting a hair transplant.




While many people around the world might not support his methods, Tyler’s mom is his biggest supporter. Tyler said,

“My parents are great and had me at a very young age, so I think that kept us on the same wavelength. She always taught me to be the person that I wanted me to be and always let me make my decisions. She never made them for me, and she supported it, everything, every decision I ever made.”




When asked about his inspiration in life, he said he is majorly inspired by the Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica. In fact, the two have developed a close friendship and bond over their shared love of plastic surgery.




Tyler explained,

“Justin has always been a great influence. He’s given me the confidence that I didn’t necessarily have as a kid. He’s always told me I can do what I want and be who I want. That’s the type of person I feel like I want in my life. Justin would point me in the directions of the right doctors and literally designed me as a little baby doll.”




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Article Source: Bolde

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