20 Kids Who Will Outsmart You With Their Creative Responses

20 Kids Who Will Outsmart You With Their Creative Responses

Kids these days outsmart you not only with their witty humor but also sometimes leave you stunned with their sharp responses. Check out the creative responses of some kids shared by their proud parents on the Internet.

1. Chris Is Smart. Be Like Chris



2. My Kid Is Sharp…


Image source: Shock_and_Awwwwww


3. Since My Niece Could Write Her Name, We Have Been Mailing Each Other Letters. We Have Both Been Pretty Busy And Haven’t Sent Or Received In A While, But Just Got This Today And This Kid Cracks Me Up


Image source: InfoSecPeezy


4. My Friend Found This On The Floor Of Her 8th Grade Classroom


Image source: imgur.com


5. Some Imagination The Kid Has Got!


Image source: tvsaurus


6. Believe In What You Love The Most


Image source: IEATASS69


7. Dream Big, Dr. King


Image source: PivotalPixel


8. Wow, This Kid Has Got Some Dream!


Image source: shit-n-water


9. This One Sure Has Set Her Priorities Straight


Image source: reddit.com


10. Wife Asked Students To List Life Goals. This Kid Has Things Figured Out!


Image source: reddit.com


11. Albert Is Smarter Than All Of Them


Image source: mandal0re


12. Kids When Asked What They Want To Be When They Grow Up


Image source: AstroCat16


13. Neighbor Kid Put This Letter In My Mailbox, I’m Tempted To Do It


Image source: onlyonebowman


14. This Kid's Mom Must Be Proud Of Her Brought Up


Image source: scrambledbrain


15. We Need To Learn A Thing Or Two From This Child


Image source: RockabillyRich



16. Kids In Cleveland These Days…


Image source: blue_barracudas


17. This Kid Is Going Places In Life


Image source: serenity87


18. 4 Star Resort In The Heart Of South Beach. Kid Has His Priorities Straight


Image source: Top4King


19. This Kid's Mom Is A Lawyer. Her Son Wanted Her To Sign This First Before Talking About Something Important


Image source: nileyp


20. My Three-Year-Old Daughter Had Her Teacher Write Me A Letter. Not Sure What She’s Trying To Say


Image source: taraboom



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