20 Frustrating Things From Daily Life That Leave You Mildly Annoyed

20 Frustrating Things From Daily Life That Leave You Mildly Annoyed

People on the internet are sharing pictures of small things that are a part of daily life struggle and at times can be really annoying to deal with. Indulge in the gallery and find out how many of you can relate to on a personal level!

Splashing milk from the bottle unintentionally or opening the jars in the wrong way while in a hurry, missing the bus when you are late, sipping hot coffee by mistake or untangling those stubborn wires of your earphones are some examples of daily life activities that are not only annoying but also mildly infuriating. These activities can be frustrating especially at times when you are in a hurry or preoccupied with some other important work. We have compiled an interesting list of some of these struggles. Skim through the gallery and find out how many of them you can relate to personally!  

1. That's The Most Infuriating


Image source: IamIraklis

2. When You Spend 30 Mins Guessing Your Passwords And Decide To Reset It And This Happens

Image source: GerardWayNoWay


3. Middle Seat

Image source: hunglowbungalow


4. Forget Drinking Straws – This Is The Kind Of Plastic Use We Should Be Protesting

Image source: jukeboxherowithstars


5. When You’re Pouring Something And This Happens

Image source: Bailey_Haldwin


6. Boxes That Open Like This

Image source: jacobhottberry


7. Back Pain Remedy On The Bottom Shelf

Image source: jeff1989uk


8. When Your Keys Do The Thing

Image source: More_again


9. The Way My Mom Watches TV With Things Obscuring The Screen

Image source: eharsh87


10. Destroying The Planet One Apple At A Time

Image source: mattyfatty1


11. Wtf I Suppose To Say

Image source: fredboycolor


12. The Beach Near My House After The Tourist Left

Image source: Regangibson212


13. Every Dang Time

Image source: JM-Rie


14. These

Image source: CJLB


15. The Image Speaks For Itself

Image source: CricketMeson


16. Text Printed All The Way To The Spine

Image source: hippygrandad


17. The Only Reason Wy I Hate Glasses

Image source: Dont-Fuck


18. Restaurants That Serve Cold Butter, Causing The Bread To Break When You Spread It

Image source: splatlame


19. I Knew There Was Something Fishy When My Pencil Sharpened Perfectly

Image source: the-jaxter


20. Every Goddamn Time I Try To Peel Open One Of These

Image source: pinguboii



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