18 members of a family test positive for COVID-19 after attending a birthday party

18 members of a family test positive for COVID-19 after attending a birthday party

This family decided to let go of the social distancing SOPs and later 18 members were tested positive for coronavirus.

Unfortunately, not understanding the gravity of the situation we are going through, many people are not respecting the social distancing SOPs, which is, in turn, hindering the flattening of the curve. A family of 18 people who recently met for a surprise birthday party in Texas was tested positive for the COVID-19. This includes one elderly relative fighting for his life in a hospital intensive care unit.



The group got together a few weeks ago to celebrate one member’s 30th birthday. What was planned as a happy and fun-filled day turned grim after more than half of the 25 guests in attendance contracted the deadly virus, especially with one member fighting for life in the ICU.
The news was made public by Ron Barbosa, a volunteer EMT. He did not attend the party himself, which was hosted by his nephew.



The host had a slight cough before the night of the party and is believed to have been patient zero for the entire family.
Barbosa said,

“It wasn’t that long. It was only a couple of hours. But during that brief time, somehow, the other 18 family members are now infected with COVID.”

The worst part is, prior to the part, the host also attended a family golf game prior to the party.
Barbosa and his wife, who is a medical doctor, are keeping track of the number of relatives tested positive. At the time of writing its 18 including two young children, two grandparents, a cancer patient, and Barbosa’s own elderly parents.



Barbosa’s father is currently struggling in the ICU. According to him, 

“My dad’s hanging on by a thread. They’re saying this is one of the last straws for my dad... they’re in there by themselves with no family. It’s heartbreaking.”



Its high time we understand what we are dealing with and stop going to similar gathering at least till the situation is under control.

A similar event happened in Florida after a group of 16 women went to pub to celebrate the lifting of lockdown. They all tested positive for COVID-19 a few days later.

Article and Image Source: Diply

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