17 Design Fails That Make You Wonder Who The Designers Are

17 Design Fails That Make You Wonder Who The Designers Are

These funny design fails are making us wonder who their designers are and what was the concept behind their work.

Ever happens to you that you see some random thing designed so badly that you just want to change it yourself? Though you are not even a designer, still you have enough sense to know it's hilarious. See these 17 funny pictures showing design fails that make you wonder if only the designers would have used some extra thought. 

1. Sorry, What Did You Say?


Via Bitemarkz


2. No, I Don't Want My Teeth To Look Like This


Via Dylflon


3. What's Going On Here?


Via M3strefi


4. Proportions Are Out

Via LucklessList828


5. And Why You Think We Would Be Interested?


Via shitelyf


6. Was Not It Supposed To Be A Bed?


Via slynnt33


7. Beware


Via pixeldoes


8. Clock, It Is


Via patchestheshark


9. Who Designed It?


Via alphagusta


10. I Can't Read This


Via uhdefinitelynot


11. Wax Sculpture Of "Michael Jackson"


Via Jolootje


12. Teachers Make Kids Count?


Via dmtherob


13. Okay.


Via Cataclysmxdd


14. All The Hardwork Wasted


Via holyhelp


15. Stay Away


Via oa24


16. This Is Hilarious


Via AlfredKC


17. We Can See The Designer's Complicated Mind Here


Via Antvenom19065



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