16 Funny Photos That Proves Being A Husband Is A Genuine Form Of Art

16 Funny Photos That Proves Being A Husband Is A Genuine Form Of Art

What's the secret behind a happy marriage? Perhaps, it requires more than just commitment. For men, being a husband is almost a form of art and the compilation posted by women here is the evidence of it.

Marriage is a sacred relationship where the husband and the wife promise to spend their lives with each other through thick and thin. This relationship could be different for everyone in their own way.  In any way, we all would agree that it is a rollercoaster ride for the partners involved. So who brings the fun element to the marriage?  Even though both are responsible for working on building the relationship, but woman, leave the fun part for your husband. Believe me, he won't disappoint you! 


1. Looks Like He Doesn't Know Yet How Taking The Selfie Means A Very 'Serious Business' For The  Ladies



Credit: RogueDadMD / twitter


2. When Your Man Is Not Sure Whether His Socks Belong To The Black Or The White Basket



Credit: fashionistaVAN / reddit  

3. When You Tried To Tell Him That It Is Not A Candy But A Makeup Sponge And He Didn't Believe You, Now He Learned The Truth The Hardway



Credit:  MedsTweets_ / twitter  

 4. It's Better To Keep Your Makeup And Your Pet Away From Your Man



Credit: Tihiipiket / twitter


5. What Can You Expect To Get If You Ask Your Husband To Pick Some Hairclips For You On His Way Back Home? Ladies This!



Credit:  ILVOLOMIAMI / twitter


6. His Wife Asked Him To Buy Ajax, Poor Man Still Not Sure Which One He Should Buy



Credit: nerdynerdnerd / imgur  


7. His Wife Challenged Him That He Cannot Do It



Image Credit: andybird / reddit


8. We Wonder Who Suggested The Idea That Women Take A Lot Of Time To Get Ready?



Credit:  iwearaonesie / twitter  

9. She Asked Her Husband To Pick Balloons For Their Son's Birthday...He's Turning 8!



Credit: EricBlueMonster / twitter


10. Dedicated To All The Ladies Who Hate Weird Combinations In Food



Credit: smerobin / twitter


11. She Thought It Looks Like A Medicine Box At First Glance, But Nope It  Was Her Husband's Skin Care Products



Credit:  dinosinspace / reddit


12. Her Husband Asked Her How She Wanted Her Pizza Cut: Triangles Or Squares? She Replied Circles And Look What She Gets! 


Credit: wolfpacklove / reddit


13. She Found Her Husband's Car Keys Exactly Where He Left!




Credit: LaBobcat / reddit  

14. He Is Drying The Dishes For His Wife



Credit: ask4jo / imgur


15. We All Know Someone Who Can Relate To This One



Credit: Mommywifelife7 / twitter  

16. Every Morning This Is How Each Of Their Sides Look Like



Credit: dangerkot / pikabu 


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