15+ Epic Tweets That Will Have All 'True Crime' Lovers In Stitches!

15+ Epic Tweets That Will Have All 'True Crime' Lovers In Stitches!

Despite the level of violence, tragedy and social stigma surrounding the true crime subject, sometimes even the most serious fans need a little laugh! Fortunately, we're here for you.

Individuals who love true crime frequently share comparative characteristics yet it's not in every case simple to recognize a genuine true crime geek openly or at a gathering. Frankly, I am a true-crime fixated fanatic yet I'm not going up to individuals publicly inquiring as to whether they've found out about the most recent triple manslaughter court case that has been getting a wide range of consideration on television. That just makes me resemble a crazy person!

So when I came across somebody who makes reference to true-crime before I do, I realize I've met somebody that I need to keep around. Simply because somebody who's into true-crime will definitely have a specific rundown of Netflix suggestions and a DVR loaded up with Dateline scenes and Investigation Discovery half-hour specials.

So, if you're that somebody who craves true-crime on television, then these memes are definitely going to have you in stitches(pun intended): 

1. Seems only fair


2. Right in the feels 


3. *Pokerface


4. How about that? 


5. Ouch!


6. Sorry, not sorry! 


7. Like a cat 


8. Sounds about right




10. Savage AF!


11. You tell them! 


12. Mysteries of life


13. You don't say


14. The struggle is real


15. Like a boss! 


16. Sassy 




18. Well, that escalated quickly! 


19. Self-love


20. Winning at love! 


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