15+ Parenting Tweets That Prove SAVAGE Moms Are Not To Be Messed With!

15+ Parenting Tweets That Prove SAVAGE Moms Are Not To Be Messed With!

People are sharing the hilarious instances stating how they got burned by their sassy mothers, and it's undoubtedly pure savagery!

Let us tell you, contrary to popular belief, a great 'mom joke' has all the sass and burn, if executed flawlessly! There's no questioning their impeccable timing, wit, and relevance, likewise their reference to context is simply en pointe! Also, they've got no time for your lame reasons, in other words, moms are just pure bada**.

Along the same lines, the moms listed in this rundown know precisely how to be a savage in the best sense of the word. They are ruthless warriors advancing through the world with just their mom-power on their backs and they are not to be messed with, ever! And here are their most epic burns: 

1. Parenting 101 


2. Pure at heart! 


3. Seems only fair 


4. Mom boss! 




6. Apply ice to the burned area 

Source: Reddit

7. Right in the feels! 

Source: Reddit

8. Parenting level: Savagery 

Source: Reddit

9. You tell them, mom! 

Source: Reddit

10. Ouch! 

Source: Reddit

11. Did not see that coming 


12. Sorry, not sorry! 


13. Who needs kids anyway?  


14. *Hides under bed 


15. Time to find a new planet 


16. Unapologetic mom 


17. Sound about right 


18. This mom's got tricks 


19. Opportunity seized! 


20. This was trust issues are made of! 

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