14 Funny Parenting Tweets For All You Parents To Relate

14 Funny Parenting Tweets For All You Parents To Relate

These parents are sharing funny tweets related to their kids and how they deal with them. All these parents out there can surely relate and have a good laugh.

If you are a parent or not a parent, you can still enjoy these funny parenting tweets. It's like your kids' only motto is to never let you get bored and always keep you entertained and of course, occupied. And the best part is, you can be a legend at making funny puns and share it with the world out there for them to have a good laugh too.

1. Can I Play A Game On Your Phone?


Via TheCatWhisprer


2. Because She Doesn't Know Her Name


Via chrissyteigen


3. Me Trying To Understand My Child


Via CecProff


4. I Thought We Were Being Polite


Via MumInBits


5. I Just Want To Be There That Day


Via DraggingFeeties


6. Do You Know Where Your Child's Soccer Jersey Is?


Via mommajessiec


7. I'll Show You A Toddler That Can Spill It


Via DaddingAround


8. You Are Not Going To Believe This


Via DadZZZasleep


9. Inversely Proportional To How Big The Bag Is


Via FatherWithTwins


10. I Will Not Be Sleeping This Evening


Via daddydoubts


11. Have You Ever Interviewed Anyone I Would Actually Know?


Via NPRinskeep


12. How Long Will It Take Until Your Children Show Up And Ask What You're Eating?


Via mommajessiec


13. You Can Almost Always Get At Least 3 Solid Minutes Of Peace


Via milliondollrfam


14. Because In A Lot Of Ways It's Just Beginning


Via dad_on_my_feet

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