13 Times Instagram Stars Went Too Far With Their Stunts And Got Slammed By The Public

13 Times Instagram Stars Went Too Far With Their Stunts And Got Slammed By The Public

Behind the glamorous face of the Instagram world, there are stories that are not so glamorous at all. Instead, a lot of them are built on lies and deception. Here are some controversies related to Instagram stars that made it to the headlines and garnered negative attention on social media.

Instagram stars seem to have it all. They travel the world, they take pictures that are swoon-worthy, they get to stay at places for free and get access to free products from well-known brands. But that is not all behind their stories. A lot of stars have been a center of controversies for a long time now. Seems like a lot of them have learned the art of fooling the followers by making up fake travel stories and taking not-so-real pictures and deceiving the followers.

For these controversies, a lot of Instagram stars have been called out and bashed by the public for their fake stories. Here is a list of some controversies that made it to the headlines.

1. Johanna Olsson Photoshopped Herself In Paris




At the end of last year, influencer Johanna Olsson decided to post a few photos of her “trip” to Paris, France. She posted the pictures on social media and the followers were quick to catch up on the photoshop fail and the #photoshopfail started trending the social media. Eventually, Olsson had to come clean and the Instagrammer claimed that even though she went on a trip to France but she did some changes in her vacation pictures and edited the backdrop of a few of them. 


2. An Instagram Couple Collected Funds To Make Arrangments For Their "Surprise" Engagement




Fashion influencer Marissa Casey Grossman must have known exactly how her then-boyfriend was going to propose because they decided to send a step-by-step pitch deck to brands to sponsor their lavish engagement. Unfortunately for them, the news got leaked and the couple got bashed for making up the whole ordeal. Though it has not been confirmed whether they received the money or not, Grossman's husband claims that most of the brands they sent their proposal never responded to them.


3. Instagrammers Called Out For Taking Pictures At The Chernobyl Death Zone




Because of the recent HBO show “Chernobyl,” the actual radioactive city has gained a lot of attention for both the positive and negative reasons. Many Instagram stars have been bashed by the Internet for the reason specifically. Even though the Government has made it clear that the tourists should be avoiding the place but a lot of Instagrammers have specifically traveled the place to get that “perfect” Instagram shot.


4. An Instagram Couple From Germany Actually Set Up A GofundMe Account To Fund Their Vacations




While the trips of most of the Instagram stars are sponsored by different brands and they might have to work on their lavish trips. But this Instagram couple took the meaning of free traveling to the next level. The couple actually asked their followers to fund their African vacation by donating to their $11,000 GoFundMe page. Talk about freeloading. You can imagine the response they must have gotten from their followers. 


5. The Instagram Couple Got Slammed For Taking A Picture From Moving Train




Portuguese travel bloggers Raquel and Miguel are known for their glamorous shots and perfect pictures on Instagram. But hey, taking pictures dangling from a moving train is stretching things a bit too much. It seems like, to get that perfect 'shot' they lost the concept of safety too. Needless to say, the couple got slammed for trying such a dangerous stunt.


6. Scarlett London Decided To Pose With Fake Pancakes And An Empty Cup




Wow, some of these stars do take their followers as fools. While a lot of Instagrammers have admitted to taking staged shots for their profiles but they would at least use actual items to be sincere with their message. Scarlet London, however, did not put much thinking while posting a sponsored post. The Instagrammer posted a picture on a perfectly made bed and completely surrounded by fake items. Unfortunately for her, followers saw right through this staged image and responded with anger.


7. Kristen Hancher Decided To Capture The Picture 'Perfect' In The Ocean With Her Horse




Instagram and YouTube star Hancher in an effort to get an exotic shot from her trip to the Caribbean, thought it would be a good idea to take her horse to the ocean for a quick photoshoot. Once the picture was posted on her profile, the star got slammed for taking the poor animal in deep water. However, her representatives said everything was fine and the horse was safe.


8. Bri Detz Called Out For Posting About "Choreplay"




According to Practical Parenting, influencer Bri Dietz posted a photo of her and husband with a sign that said: Helping with housework so you can get lucky is called choreplay.  While the post was lauded by many women but some people were not very happy with it. People thought that the post implied that women should still be doing the majority of household chores.


9. An Instagram Couple Demanded Free Wedding Photos



According to Yahoo Lifestyle, an Instagram star thought she can get free wedding pictures if she promotes the photography company on her profile with a 25% discount. The idea didn't fly well with the company, as they posted the email exchange on their Facebook page. Ultimately, the partnership never happened and ended communications with the star for good.


10. Instagrammer Called Out For Taking Business Class Photo A Bit Too Far




Creating a perfect shot can definitely get you more likes and more followers. But what about the unrealistic expectations it sets for the followers? Harimao Lee posted a photo that was clearly staged by sitting in a business class cabin backward with lights draped all over her. The post backfired and Harimao got criticized for staging an over-the-top photograph.


11. Kim Kardashian West Created A Line Of Shapewear With A Culturally Appropriated Name




Kim Kardashian West is already famous on social media because of her family name. But the recent endeavor of Kim has got her under hot water and the social media star was slammed ruthlessly by her fans. She named her shapewear brand Kimono. While it makes sense for her brand, this name was accepted as it culturally appropriated the Japanese culture. Since the backlash, Kardashian West has announced that she’s going to relaunch the brand with a new name soon. So let’s see what she comes up with this time.


12. Emma Hallberg Pretended To Be Black To Gain More Followers




Desperate to gain more followers on social media, some Instagram stars cross the line with their decisions. Emma Hallberg was outed by a tweet claiming that she was “blackfishing” for more followers. Hallberg was quick to deny the accusations. She told People,  “I’ve been accused of doing frequent spray tans, taking melatonin, getting hair perms and lip injections and many more. When I haven’t done anything of the above.” 


13. An Instagrammer Called Out For Lying About A Diseased State




With so many Instagram stars out there, the competition is fierce. Every one of them is trying to appear unique and stand out from others. Even if it means making up fake stories and taking faking pictures with fake items and even faker backdrops. This girl, influencer and model Sarah McDaniel, decided to claim that she had Heterochromia, a condition that creates a difference in the colors of the iris or skin. McDaniel was called out by infamous exposer Celebface, who posted a childhood photo that showed McDaniel with matching brown irises. “Expectation: A poor girl with different-colored eyes,” Celebface wrote. “Reality: An ordinary liar who had eye color surgery and tells everyone about her ‘real’ heterochromia now.”
McDaniel's estranged father apparently confirmed the lie, when commenting on one of her Instagram posts.


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