100 boys wore skirts to protest against their school's sexist dress code.

100 boys wore skirts to protest against their school's sexist dress code.

Zach Paulin understood that it wasn't fair for the school to target girls and their dress and associate it with bad behaviour. At their Canadian high school, girls have been pressured to make sure their skirts are 10 centimeters below the knee, while there are no clothing restrictions for boys.

The increasing awareness of rights in women and girls has brought a massive change in the society and now even if they are considered weaker and inferior, they know how to fight these bullies. Moreover, not only girls are raising their voices against the patriarchy prevailed in societies. 




Around 100 male students at a high school in Canada stood up against another sexist change in dress which was made in their school. The male students showed up to class wearing skirts to protest a sexist school dress code, toxic masculinity and homophobia.

Thd students were clear about how the management was being sexist so they wore skirts to school protesting against the double standard in their school’s sexist dress code and showed support.


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The change in dress code stated that the girls attending the school are required to wear skirts no shorter than 10cm above the knee length, but there was no equivalent rule for clothes often worn to school by boys, for example shorts etc.




The school management was declaring the dressing of girls as the root of bad behaviour. This seemed quite as toxic as it was and the school boys took it as a challenge and protested.




Two days before the protest was held and a big movement started, 16-year-old Zachary Paulin told around 30 people that he planned to wear a skirt to school on Friday, but he said he never expected that so many of his classmates would take part in this.




He said,"I knew that it was going to be a big movement, but not that big of a movement. I was pleasantly surprised"

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